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Organic Seaweed Tonic For Hens and Poultry 2.5 L


 Certified Organic by the Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association

For a long time, animals that lived in coastal areas have eaten seaweed, especially in Ireland where brown seaweeds were washed ashore. Today the availability of seaweed for animals has been increased with the production of liquid seaweed and dried meal that has been milled to a fine powder.

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Organic Liquid Seaweed Tonic for Hens Chickens 500 ml x 3

An organic product with nothing added.

Boosts mineral levels naturally.

Contains a wide range of 12 vitamins 60 minerals trace elements and amino acids. Regular use will improve general health, help maximise milk production, feed conversion and fertility. (do not feed to animals in the last four months of pregnancy)

Contains no additives.

All seaweed has be harvested in the Causeway Coast of Ireland

Benefits of Seaweed

  1. Improves amino acids biological activity in diet, contains 60 minerals including iodine and 12 vitamins.

  2. Increases egg production.

  3. Increases feed intake, increases weight.

  4. Improves the balance of feed nutrition, absorption of nutrition, promote metabolic activity, improves digestion.

  5. Reduced thin egg-shelled from 3% – 1.25%

  6. Improves yolk colour.

Recommended feeding instructions

One tea spoon per litre of water.

Shake well before use

Store cool. Keep out of direct sunlight.

In the USA 6,000 hens were fed 1.25% seaweed meal in their normal ration and this reduced the proportion of thin-shelled eggs from 3% to 1.9%.

When, after three months, the seaweed addition was stopped, the proportion of thin-shelled eggs increased again to 3% (SSRA Report). In trials involving 544 White Leghorn pullets, on a somewhat deficient diet, egg-laying dropped to between 20% and 30%.

Egg production improved when 8% of Ascophyllum meal was added to the diet. Results were significantly affected by the timing and quality of seaweed harvested. (Høie and Sandvik). In chick trials involving a total of 2,356 chicks, when Ascophyllum meal was added to chick feed without yeast, grass meal or cod liver oil but otherwise well-balanced, the seaweed meal produced additional gain in weight and an improvement in health (Høie and Sandvik). In trials involving 3,052 chicks, supplementation with Seaweed meal of chick rations deficient in certain vitamins, particularly A and B, resulted in a marked improvement in growth, feed efficiency and health.

research by (Høie and Sandvik)

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