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Organic Kelp Liquid Fertilizer 6L



Emerald Isle Seaweed Organic Kelp Liquid Fertilizer 6 Litres.

6  litres.

For Plants, lawns and Crops.

Organic kelp liquid fertilizer is a completely natural, organic product and has a source of over 70 vitamins and minerals (nothing else added).

Certified Organic by the Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association.

Organic kelp fertilizer can be applied to any type of soil or plant without concern for waste by-products or harmful chemicals, leading to healthier crop yields and general plant well being. Kelp seaweed was traditionally used as a fertilizer and spread on these lands from the 18th century.

All seaweed has be harvested in the Causeway Coast of Ireland.

    • Produces a higher yield of crop

    • Plant growth stimulant.

    • Encourages germination of seeds and root growth

    • Repels slugs and other pests.

    • Enriches the soil.

    • Contains natural growth hormones.

    • Boosts lethargic plants.

    • Helps lighten the soil.

  • At Emerald Isle Seaweeds we only use a cold extraction process . Other seaweed fertilisers on the market use chemicals to extract the seaweed liquid, this can adversely affect and alter the natural composition of the seaweed and reduce its nutritional goodness.

Because of soil depletion from unsustainable farming practices, most whole foods are lacking in sufficient mineral levels necessary for human health.

Kelp seaweed liquid content helps to bind soil crumbs together.

Kelp fertilizer contains all soil nutrients plus a full range of trace elements and amino acids.


Best used as a foliar spray on the plants leaves.

  • Vegetables: every fortnight 10ml-5L
    Soft fruits: 25ml – 5L once a week
    Apples pears 30ml- 5L once a week
    Vegetables: 10ml – 5L once a fortnight
    Flower beds 10ml – 5L once a week
    Lawns 1:50 every two weeks (for two months)
    Germination of seeds and root growth: soak in the seaweed for 10-12 hours 5ml-5L
    Help extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables spray eight days before harvesting.

Nutritional Values for 100g of product.

Energy values, KCal/KJ per 100g, 166/686 . Protein 13.7  . Fatg/100g, 0.2  . Saturated Fat g/100g 0.2 Mono-unsaturated Fat 0.1.  . Poly-unsaturated fat < 0.1  . Available carbohydrate, g/100g 8.7   . Total Sugars g/100g 3.6 . Dietary Fibre AOAC, g/100g 36.8 . Sodium, mg/100g 4899 . Moisture g/100g 11.6  . Ash g/100g 28.9

Our seaweed has undergone a full range of thorough tests which include chemical, pesticides, water content, and nutrition.

All Seaweed tests have be done in laboratory conditions and is UKAS accredited. HACCP control system in place.

For more information on seaweed liquid please see research on the link below.

Acknowledgement  (Kavipriya Ramuand Thangaraju Nallamuthu Prof. D r. R. Rengasamy)


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